Explore the Old West Colorado

Prior to the explosion of the volcano, which formed the famous mountain, the area was tropical. Dinosaurs roamed the area. Palm and fern flora were at that time.
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Early cavemen left in the United States of a land bridge across the Bering Strait, connecting the modern Russia with Alaska. These people settled in the western region of the United States and became the founders of our Indians.
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Fast forward thousands of years. Spanish explorers visited the area in search of gold and other riches.
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Next came the French. They expanded their possessions in nevykrytym the United States west of the Mississippi. Then, US researchers traveled to the west, to reflect its new acquisition of the French Louisiana Purchase.
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Other Americans moved westward from the colonial United States to find their own adventure. Mountain people reshivshiesya the territory of Colorado, have decided to live in this safe ground. French fur Stalker went into the territory of beaver pelts, which are so demanding hats, coats and fur coats for rich people.

A man named Zebulon Pike explored the central Colorado and found the famous mountain that bears his name. Mr. Pike opened the Colorado area for further study. Many were looking for wealth, the Spaniards a few hundred years ago.

And they found it. Gold gap was in Colorado. Thousands rushed to the east, to gain happiness with the slogan “Pike Peak or Bust” painted on the lips or on their cars. Cities that you know today, such as Denver, Aspen, Livilliers, were once tent city established around the gold bumps.

With the established young towns in the gold scene zavihav burst of lawlessness, gambling, houses of ill repute and debauchery. Many of the old legends of the west made the Colorado stopping points for travel to other parts of the western West.

When at last extraction of gold mined, miners or left the territory to head to the east, or left on the plains of Colorado, to work the land. Several cardiac souls joined the wagon train, which moved to the west, because our new country suddenly became more and its territory has expanded more and more people.

With the influx of new residents pristine land owners, the Indians were forced off their property.

The Indians avenged the assassination and there were bloody clashes between them and the US Government.

By the turn of the century in 1899 Colorado was quite well arranged and was established as a state. Thus, you see that in such a short period of time Colorado was a very big part of the legend of the Wild West.

If you come to visit, think about where you are going, or the mountains, that you are photographing.

Hundreds of years ago, the first researchers looked at the same as walking on the same area. Definitely it gives you a sense of perspective.
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Doctors southwest Colorado reduce prescription drug use

Abuse of opioids, along with diabetes and suicide, with the & # 39 is a major health risk in southwest Colorado. For example, in the picturesque district of La Plata, the data offered Maritime College, contain opioids are responsible for the application of the five victims.
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The same results were observed in other counties of southwest Colorado, such as Arhyuleta, Montezuma, Dolores and San Juan. According to Mary Dengler-Frey, regional health services with health education center of Southwest Colorado (SWCAHEC), people still do not realize the severity of the crisis apioidnaga.
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As in the national scenario, in spite of several measures apioidnaya epidemic shows no signs of decline. Its seeds were sown in the 1990s when doctors began to prescribe medications to their patients randomly at the behest of the pharmaceutical companies.
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These drug manufacturers have assured the doctors that prescribed painkillers such as oxycodone and hydrocodone, will not lead to addiction. This assurance has been made on the basis of a letter of 100 words – with the conclusion that “the development of addiction is rare in patients who have no history of drug abuse,” – Herschel Zhyk and Jane Porter, published in the New England Journal of Medicine Journal in 1980 .
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In the midst of crisis, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that more than 60,000 Americans lost their lives from the epidemic of opioids in 2016. Realizing the scale of the losses, the president of Donald Trump announced epidemic of opioid emergency health in 2017 Thereafter, the Joint Commission on opioids, appointed by the president with the New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, has put forward a list of recommendations to end the problem of drug overdose.
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In Colorado, scene of a drug overdose was as bad as in other parts of the US. In 2016, Colorado was recorded about 228 deaths caused by heroin, which increased the number of cases associated with opioids, up to 300 per year. In addition to a large number of opioid overdose, it has led to the highest rates of hospitalization in the United States

The need for additional treatments for pain

Understanding how doctors enhance drug crisis, politicians are making efforts to stop the spread of prescription opioids. on opioids The Commission recommended to the government to discontinue the survey to determine patient satisfaction after treatment of pain. Apparently, such surveys can motivate doctors to prescribe opioids for only short-term relief.
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Unfortunately, this measure proved counterproductive, leading to greater risks, such as overdose, dependence and tolerance. For example, doctors in Colorado held the line. They cut pills with a prescription. In the past, they were given a prescription opioids for 30 or 60 days. However, they are currently prescribed drugs for relatively shorter periods, e.g., from seven to 10 days, depending on the need.
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Secondly, in places like Mercy Regional Medical Center, doctors prefer to prescribe an alternative medication or those who do not require a prescription, such as tylenol, nerve blockers, etc. In addition, it also made a point to provide additional therapy for the treatment of pain for everyone. those who underwent surgery.
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This package may include massage, aromatherapy, music therapy, etc. In another medical center, based in the Cortes, Southwestern Medical Group physicians have begun the practice of checking the patient’s last way of depression and anxiety, to mitigate the risk of opioid abuse.
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In addition, the desire to stop the tide, resuscitation and clinics associated with Southwest healthcare system to provide patients opioids for two or three days, because the risk of dependence increases with a three-day dosing. . In addition, if any patient there will need to obtain additional opioids, it will have to turn to the primary care physician.
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Apioidnaya dependence treatable

Due to the practice of appointing apioidnyh painkillers number of hospitals and clinics has decreased. Patients who are dependent on drugs, do not go to hospital and did not go to the doctor if they are able to buy painkillers.
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In this scenario, it is very important to take effective measures against the crisis apioidnaga. To combat the epidemic apioidnay necessary timely measures hospitals as in southwestern Colorado.


Tickets for under & # 39; lift – Learn what Colorado ski resorts do not want you to know!

How to get znizhachnyya discounted prices for Keystone, Colorado, Brekenryzh, Colorado, Arapahoe, Colorado, ski area, Colorado, Copper Mountain, Colorado, Winter Park, Colorado, Wei-Colorado, Beaver Creek, Colorado.
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Updated for the ski season 2005-2006.

Tickets for under & # 39; lift in Colorado – All Colorado ski resorts make it difficult to those who come from the state, to obtain a large number of lift tickets. Do not expect that you will get a lot somewhere, if you have not started to look at the end of September or early October. As your accommodation provider in the Keystone, we can help, but we do not sell tickets.
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The most expensive way to ski – buy tickets for a & # 39; lift in the window without coupons. The following information will help you find the best deal in any season.

Colorado ski season

If you are in Colorado in April, September or October, you can consider buying seasonal passes for Keystone, Breckenridge and A-Basin. And Loveland and Copper Mountain sometimes sell season passes into November. If you plan on skiing 5 or more days, season pass to one of the areas ski resorts will more than pay for itself, and this is the cheapest way in the road … but you win and do not use it all season.
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:: the Keystone :: Breckenridge :: Basin :: Vail :: Beaver Creek ::

Season passes are sold at the front range in places like Gart Sports, REI, and Christy Sports. Season passes for Keystone, Brekenryzh and Basin usually cost around $ 329. The second option – to pay a little more and get 10 days at Vail or Beaver Creek added to the same passage. You need to buy them in person, and usually you have to use them at least once before the holiday, otherwise it will be invalid for the rest of the year. These omissions are off dates during the holidays and usually on the weekend days of the president, so be sure to read the fine print before purchasing these ski passes. If you are planning a trip in the beginning of the season (until 20 December) and late prime minister’s & # 39; er-ski trip (January – April), it is certainly the least expensive way. Best of all, if you get pass that you have to buy in person, you can restore it on the Internet, year after year.
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:: Arapahoe Basin Only ::

This year, Arapahoe Basin offers its own seasonal pass. For the 2005-2006 ski season is only $ 239. This allows unlimited skiing at Arapahoe Basin, and also allows you to ski at Keystone or Brekenryzh for 5 days. One of the 5 days can be used either Vail or Beaver Creek. This is an amazing deal if you arrive in a short trip of 5 days or more. Best of all you can get them on the phone and just pick them up in the base area of ​​Arapahoe Basin. As always, join the case early. The passages are usually sold only in September and October. Check out the Arapahoe Basin Website for full details.

:: Copper Mountain :: Winter Park :: Mary Jane ::

“Copper Mountain” offers seasonal passes for the ski season of 2005-2006 for just $ 279. You can buy them without the presence of, but you have to imagine the photo so they could print a coupon. Add a few more dollars and you can ski in the winter Park and Mary Jane. However, Winter Park is a 1-hour drive from Summit County. However, skiing at Mary Jane is legendary and you have not given up his day excursion on snow snow in the Fraser Valley of Colorado.

:: Loveland Ski Area ::

Little known to people from outside the state, Loveland – very inexpensive option. You’ll see Loveland Ski area on the way to the Summit County on the eastern portal of the Eisenhower Tunnel. The nearest ski house in Loveland is in Keystone …. only 15 miles away. Loveland offers season passes for $ 253. On the & # 39; as an independent ski resort, skiing is possible only in Loveland. Loveland – one of the highest ski resorts in North America, and normally they first opened the ski season in North America in October. Check the website for detail. They have a great variety of terrain and at any time the crowd a little.

++++++++++++ Warning +++++++++++++

NEVER attempt to use Package or 4 Season Pass, which is not yours. There are very strict penalties, including large fines and possible jail time if you get caught. Under the & # 39; you will catch a lift. a free trip lift is simply not worth the consequences.

++++++++++++ Warning +++++++++++++

Colorado Ski Resort “Four bags”

Another tip for saving money – to buy what is called the “4 Pack” for your ski resort of choice. “4 pack” – a 4 days skiing for everyone. Typically ski resorts sell these early in the season, but have been known to sell them again in late March or April. Buying at the end of the season is ideal … unknown to many, April is usually the month of snow in Colorado!

:: Keystone :: Breckenridge ::

For packages Keystone and Breckenridge 4 you must buy them in person and they are not passed. In previous years, they were transferred, until people started selling them at a profit on eBay. Packages in the $ usually cost about $ 99 and are bought in the same way as a bought Season Pass. The four packages have blackout dates, so read the fine print carefully.

:: Copper Mountain :: Winter Park :: Mary Jane ::

Copper Mountain offers 4 packs for only $ 69 and transmitted. The deal usually lasts for about a week and may have already passed. If so, you are still lucky … and Copper Mountain and Winter Park offers 4 packs for $ 120, which is still only $ 30 per day. This offer ends December 9, 2005, so go quickly this time, if you want to make a deal! Usually there are rules and restrictions regarding the date in which you can use the package 4, so check the fine print carefully.

:: Loveland Ski Area ::

Loveland also offers a 4 pack for the ski season 2005-2006. Four packages are only $ 99, but they are available only until November 21, 2005. In these 4 no closing date package, and can be used at any time during the ski season 2005-2006 in Loveland.

:: Aspen :: :: Snow Mask

Okay, so these two resorts – that’s really all it is not so close to Summit County, but if you want to see what celebrities do in the winter in Colorado … try Aspen or snow mass on the day. Cheap tickets are available, but you have to get them personally. They are available up to 20 November 2005 in selected locations around the Colorado range.

Other ways to obtain tickets for the lifts with discounts

You enter the armed forces? Keystone has a special setup with any active military, reservists, National Guard and dependents. Rocky Mountain Blue offers a free pass to just $ 129. This pass is good for unlimited skiing at Arapago pool basin. It can be purchased at military bases in Colorado, including Buckley AFB Peterson AFB Shryvera, SE Warren, Fort Carson and the Air Force Academy. You can buy this at any time during the ski season of 2005-2006, and it is good through closing day at Keystone. This is the best long-range STATES ticket KOLARADA.

Tickets for under & # 39; lift in Keystone Sign up for a free map of Colorado. These cards will give you discounts at other ski areas that are farther away. The closest resort that accepts this card – it’s Loveland ski area, which is located about 15 miles right in the Eisenhower Tunnel on the Continental crack.

Tickets for under & # 39; lift in Keystone know someone with the passing of the season? The owners of the seasonal passes can usually buy a ticket for the elevator for you at a discounted price of $ 29 to 59. The number of times they can do this is limited.

Tickets for under & # 39; lift in Keystone Do not forget eBay! Many times people buy a package deal and will not be able to use it. Sometimes it is a 4 pack, sometimes it’s someone who has a track to the resort and is trying to earn money on the side. In any case, make sure you double check your tickets for the elevator to make sure that you know what you are getting. Look and see what you can find!

Tickets for Keystone lift. Buy an entertainment book for the area of ​​Denver. These books are packed with ski coupons. Usually we buy these books and encourage them to use. Coupons are designed to lift a few discounts. ($ 5 – $ 10 tickets for the price of window) There are also coupons for ski school.

Tickets for under & # 39; lift in Keystone Buy tickets on the front line in Denver and around. Walk into any grocery store Safeway or King Soopers or store ski and snowboard rental. They sell discount on most ski areas.

Tickets for under & # 39; lift in Keystone As your supplier of accommodation in Keystone, just ask us and we will do our best to get the information you need or guide you in the right direction to save the maximum amount of money, considering the period of time visit. . Usually we keep the packet of coupons just for our guests to enjoy. When booking, please email us or call us with your requests and we will send you the tickets in advance. Discounts first come first. These coupons usually come from Entertainment Books, and wherever we find them either. We do not sell lift tickets.

Be careful – Some other housing providers force you to make a “package deal”, saying that they will be given a discount for discounts after you book your lodging … just suddenly “run out” lift tickets after you have money .

Lamar – Colorado native city, a tourist delight

Have you ever wondered what to do to relax? If you live in the Midwest or Colorado, or rather, I suggest … Visit the eastern corner of Colorado and all the wonderful tourist sites around Lamar, Colorado.

Lamar, Colorado – the hometown of some famous people. Several of them you could learn how to Elartan Scott, who is now in the state of Kansas City Royals? Writer Gary Penglai put Lamar on the map with his book "Wind River" and N.T. Betz wrote "The gang problem-free: repulsed fingerprint" journalists reporting on joint reputation crime, including razboynitstva First National Bank in 1928, which forever changed the face Lamar. And I John Verhof, marketing articles and writer who spends his time in the promotion of new business and tourist trades in the southeastern corner of Colorado.

Lamar, Colorado – stop for famous people. Zebulon Pike chose to camp Willow Creek Valley, while his men have gone through the bitter winter and prepared for a long walk to the west to the place where he saw the Pikes Peak. Although he never actually reached the summit, he wears his name in memory. Oprah Winfrey stopped for a sufficiently long time to designate the local cowboys racist cattle, to appeal to those of us living here as a renegade living in the "American armpit", and additionally delights us, bearing in mind that all we inciting criminals. The leading country music stars visited the city of prairie and left their mark on the population of the two radio stations fine.

Lamar, Colorado, with a & # 39 is the home of the Museum of the Great Wood. Recently refurbished, the Museum of the big lumber preserved a large collection of memorabilia of the area, military showcases including one of only 13 of the revolutionary banners and such exquisite dishes like a huge ball of twine, an early machine permanent wave (tricks) and a tribute to American pioneers .

Lamar, Colorado – historical community on the Arkansas River. Lamar, who & # 39 is the home of the stolen railroad depot, states that it is more than the average share of historic buildings, and a lot of stories. This community is engaged in a cozy center of arts, enchanted forest (marvelous in the dry lands of the prairies), as well as the most famous baseball diamonds and a golf course on this side of Texas.

If you are looking for tourist things to occupy your time, visit our community and join any of the summer festivals that take place during your visit. It is high time to prairie, dancing in the barn will be heard!

Colorado foreclosure

Colorado spends a lot of "firsts"; The world's first Rohde was held July 4, 1869 in Deer Trail, the first hotel in the west of the Mississippi River was built in Golden in 1867. In 1894, three women from Colorado became the first woman elected to the legislature of the US state law. Hundred State leads the nation in population growth, technical jobs, life expectancy, and, unfortunately, foreclosure rate.

Ransom in Colorado was the highest among all 50 states in the second and third quarters of 2006. The redemption price was three times the average as of October 30, 2006. Greeley, farming community in Northern Colorado, differed from most foreclosures in the state. Every 156 homes in Greeley is in redemption, every 300 homes in Colorado – this is the process.

Ransom in Colorado are not so great for those who are undergoing the process, but many investors have turned lemons into lemonade. In the second and third quarters of 2006, the market sellers in Colorado felt that there are more people wanting to buy property than those who sell.

In Colorado foreclosure with & # 39 are judicial. This means that recovery can be completed without a & # 39; appearing in court or the lender or the borrower.

Once the borrower has not recognized a default, the lender sends the borrower and the trustee a notice of default. Trymesyachny term restoration obliged to allow the borrower to repay the debt. Upon completion of the restoration of the period, sales of the power of attorney & # 39 is also held, as a rule, in an auction. Fees and all costs associated with the borrower on the mortgage, and the procedure for redemption shall be calculated from the winning bid. Any surplus funds from the winning bids are returned to the borrower.

Redemption is often – a great way to get a good deal on real estate, especially in Colorado. The cost of housing supports sustainable growth by 2% – 6%, depending on the city or town. At the same time banks have a lot of houses that can redeem. Banks do not engage realtors, they are more concerned about lending a new buyer.

The best scenario for the seller, the buyer and the bank – when the house is sold with a contract. This avoids expensive and time-consuming procedure of bank foreclosures, bad credit marks for the seller and the buyer gives more power at the negotiating table – might be worth seller to abandon of the total capital, and perhaps pay a little to avoid stains on their credit report.

If this is not possible, the next step – the ransom. Buyers should expect to study a suitable property and to be patient until you get. Buyers then have to contact your bank and get pre-qualified for the loan. Hunters trade should go to the table with the previous (not the previous) letter in his hand.

Studies should include more than just the technical characteristics of the house. If this is the main place of residence, it is important to know the long-term plans for the community, nearby schools, crime area and comparable to & # 39; objects in the vicinity. Do not rush to see the property inside and out.

The next step for the buyer & # 39 with a visit to the auction or directly contact the seller to make an offer. When considering the price that can be offered, it should take into account any outstanding liens or bankruptcy, which may affect the recording property. Banks rarely receive less than 90% of the balance on the loan.

If you think that you may be prohibited, you can do several things to soften your stance. Offer to sell your home for only the amount you need a loan. It is better to get away from a small profit than miss the opportunity to purchase a house in the foreseeable future.

Once the foreclosure process has begun, you will need to restore your good credit. Release time – only the best action you can take to improve your credit score. Make payments on time and do not open new accounts for some time. Save 5% – 20% (the higher the better) to use in the future home as a down payment. Ransom in Colorado does not condemn you to a life lease.

Colorado Medical clinic

Colorado citizens voted in favor of Amendment 20 in 2000, which opens the door for admission of new legal marijuana dispensaries. Over the past few years the industry of marijuana in Colorado has become the fastest growing industry in the state. In 2010, it was reported that the number of dispensaries in Denver has increased more than the number of Starbucks in the city.

With this large number of new cannabis dispensaries to open across the country, it is difficult to know where to start. Thus, if you have a registry-marijuana card in Colorado, and you're wondering how to find the best Colorado dispensaries, read some useful tips …

The first step in the search for a new medical marijuana dispensary with a & # 39 is to identify all the clinics in close proximity to your location. Google Maps – a great tool for this task, because it will actually impose the location markers, if you are looking for something like "Denver dispensary."

Once you have a list of several dispensaries in your area, you can begin to explore each, making another Google search on their name and specific keywords. Thus, the search for something like "Denver dispensary inspection" or simply "the best Denver dispensaries" and you need to get relevant results. I recommend using research obtained from these results to refine the list to about 3 more interesting dispensaries.

You have done proper research and read the reviews, now it's time to visit these 3 best medical marijuana dispensary, to be sure. It should be remembered that this market is still so young that there is really no industry standard when it comes to how the individual Colorado dispensaries operate. What this means for you is that every Colorado dispensary that you visit will be a unique experience!

While most medical marijuana in Colorado does not require a destination to visit classrooms to view drugs might be a good idea to call ahead and see whether it is worth waiting for. If you make a personal assessment of the new outpatient cannabis in Colorado, there are a few things you want to pay close attention at his first visit.

Your first impression is usually a waiting area, where you will need to give the person behind the counter medical marijuana Colorado registry. You will then either immediately be taken to a room for the buds, or have to wait for you to call back. The waiting time is typically very short, usually it takes a few minutes. I found that many institutions dispensary in Denver do not wait at peak times.

The most important part of the evaluation of new medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado & # 39 is your experience in the room watching the embryos. For many people, their first time when they came into this room, can be incredible. With the line-by-line of glass jars stuffed with the best Colorado grown medicinal cannabis, patients just do not know where to start.

Well, here are my tips to combat this initial experience. Start with the best. Ask to see the class A, the top shelf, the red dot, or whatever they call their best strains of cannabis. This immediately gives you an idea of ​​the best they have to offer. Also, do not lose sight of the low grade bud … sometimes you can find the best value for your dollar here.

Also, do not forget to take into account their pricing structure. This can be a major determining factor when choosing a primary caregiver in the long run. Most institutions dispensary in Denver offer separate pricing structure for the members and, so be sure to ask each of the specific details.

Having been in a few places, you begin to see how the general decor and atmosphere Colorado resort outpatient dispensaries can vary considerably depending on the location. Some dispensaries provide an excellent clinical environment, like a doctor, while others will feel more like you when you go to a friend's house comfortable. Whatever your preference, there's a Colorado medical marijuana dispensary that is right for you.

This article is not from the & # 39 is the approval of the use of marijuana. Cannabis remains the drug, but it is extremely useful in the treatment of many people with different obtained. The world of medical marijuana is changing rapidly, so I highly recommend reading the official rules and regulations of medicinal marijuana from the Colorado Department of Health before taking any decision on the use of cannabis in medicine. In the end, the best solution – a reasonable decision, so be sure to check before going to work a thorough research on any topic related to health.

Colorado ski areas

Rocky and mountainous regions of the United States south-western part of this year's live kalaradanav 4861555. Although almost half of the geographical composition of the Colorado state plane, in explicit contrast to the lasting Rocky Mountain region. The United States, where he lives, Colorado consists of more than 500 mountain peaks, which extend to more than 4000 meters in height, making it the only state in the US, which is more than 1000 meters of altitude. 500 uplifting peaks, 51 of which are referred to as "chatyrohklasnikami", ie those that rise up to 14,000 meters and more.

Despite the incredible conditions change out & # 39; I'm in the area, due to the different heights of Colorado, the mountains always bring rich layers of cool white snow, when it is the season. That is why the Colorado home to many world-famous ski resorts. Colorado ski areas, mountain regions sleep state, serving the local population and tourists who love the snow, making it one of the most powerful economic assets based on tourism. Among the world-renowned ski areas include Colorado ski resort of Vail is located in Eagle County Colorado is known for its various ski trails, as well as those that opened in Vejle, named after the resort. Another is The winter resort of Aspen, which is the most populous city County, Colorado, where, besides the famous ski lodge, there are also other institutions such as the Aspen Music Festival, school and recreational target for tourists and kalyaradtsav. a special way.

Whether it's the climate in the season of skiing or not, Colorado ski areas can always greet customers on the reservation and vacation plans in their institutions when the time comes for seven & # 39; advertisements and persons, local or foreign, to enjoy themselves in snow. In fact, the best time to get great vacation packages at these resorts – in the off-season. Colorado ski areas, such as the Arapaho pool, as well as Sunlight Mountain and all the other resorts that belong to the Colorado resorts Gems offer a variety of suggestions and proposals on the Internet.

With the ski tracks, which are produced according to the skill level of each unique skier and world-class service to all who want it, the Colorado ski areas are open to all skiers and snow lovers all over the world for a long time. snowing.

Ski package in Colorado

When planning a trip to Colorado, you might want to search for ski resorts. Planning a ski vacation should not be a big problem. You can select one of the most popular and crowded areas, or select an unnecessary resort, where there is a lot of skiers.

This is a unique experience of skiing in the mountains of Colorado. Colorado ski package usually includes lodging, transportation, transfer to the airport, car rental and ski rental. There are many tour operators that provide and specialize in economic holiday on trains. Some of the tour operators have made an outstanding contribution to the revitalization of railway passenger service.

There are many who hope to experience these tour operators. Many travelers use their services and purchase ski packages at the best resorts in the world. You can rely on tour operators for lovers, filled with emotion. They have the right packages that meet every budget, and nearly every package includes car rental and shuttle service to travel during your stay.

People always enjoy the journey on a large spacious seats. And do not forget to try the cuisine of the region. Colorado offers many culinary delights that are not found elsewhere. The entire trip you will revel watching the endless winter landscape winter, which can be experienced only when traveling by train. They offer discounts for children up to 18 years. Sleeping room and a great stay available upon request.

Prices will vary during the peak seasons, and the cost of travel to a large extent depends on the availability of seats.

There is no place that can compare with skiing in Colorado. With katalizavanay terrain, consisting of 29.460 acres and an annual snowfall 4.241 inches, 13 top class resorts, with 300 seats for the rest of 4000 and accommodation, is a wonderland for lovers of skiing. Beautiful and breathtaking Rocky Mountains provide excellent conditions for skiing for all skiers.

Whatever the season, there are thousands of items of property to suit every budget. Many who choose the full package that covers airfare, lodging, ski rentals, transportation and extracurricular activities.

One of the great Colorado ski towns – Curly Booth. Crested Butte offers the unusual combination of downhill skiing in an extraordinary location with the atmosphere of the mountain camp. This place is untouched and spectacular. It is necessary for all fans of skiing.

Nothing can be compared with the size of the snow mass. He literally 36 times more Disneyland and has a vertical rise of 4,500 feet. This is a great place for family skiing and entertainment. In summer there is also a fun with biking, hiking, camping, fishing and golf. Thus, no matter what season you visit Colorado, it always offers fun in the fresh air, friendly people and good food.

Big Colorado Springs outdoors!

If you do not already know, I live in Colorado Springs, Kohan, this is a great place to live. There are beautiful parks, good schools, usually a good climate, although this winter would not be the best example and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. We are a pretty good size city, but fifteen minutes away from any point of the city, you can lose yourself in nature. No matter what you are going to one of our nationally known areas, such as Garden of the Gods, or just check in a national or state park, in order to get there, take a long time.

Thus, over the weekend when the weather & # 39; e, finally, reflects the fact that usually does, my family & # 39; I; I, my wife, our six-year old daughter and my one year old son, loaded our petrol SUV to ride and go on a picnic in this large public land. This time we decided to go a little further, so it took us a lot longer, about 25 minutes total travel time before we reached the end of paved roads and our temporary escape from civilization.

It's a nice day. It was a clear sky and warm. There was enough moisture that the trees were green and the flowers bloom. The road was rough enough to minimize the suspension on our car and bounce around children, both in the roller coaster. So we're going into the woods for about forty five minutes while rarely do not see anyone aside from the occasional motorcycle and go well on the side of the road for what looks like a very beautiful town. It will be a great place to go out for lunch and let the kids run around.

Within two minutes of unloading all our chairs and cooler, I hear something remotely. Close I have to say. This is a gun with a gun. I live in Colorado, the Wild West, you know. So I'm quite open to the idea of ​​guns. I even had her with me. The problem is that I'm sure we were in the area, which was clearly not intended for hunting or shooting.

So when I'm trying to fend off a shot, I'm starting to spy out the land. At this point, my year a person works and works. And although he is pretty good, it's face with a plant quite a bit. Anyway. There's broken glass all over the ground. Not a single random, and they missed a few. There stands a few bottles. Hoping to find some sort of ground space, which seems to be suitable for children, I come to the other side of the playground. There I find only a composite roof. I believe that he can not cut himself. I wonder what they're doing.

All right. I know it's a long story. But what is my point? Come on. Hide behind a not so difficult. Did you bring a bottle. Return it back and properly dispose of it. If you pack it, you pack it. I understand that we are not always so easy to walk as soon as they could, but you, at least, can not leave their garbage around. I wonder if those same assholes who left there the broken bottles, back there? Probably not, they could be cut into the glass.

Colorado Attorney JUI

Law Kalurada of JUI

Like many states, the arrest of the JUI in Colorado begins two cases. One – a criminal case when before the & # 39; manifest accusation, and the second – an administrative case where the accused faces an administrative penalty, such as license suspension or revocation. Due to the complexity of conducting two cases arising from the same crime, and the subtleties of Colorado dui laws, it is important to have a lawyer Colorado JUI, which can represent you in your criminal case, and in any proceeding the DMV, which occur. with regard to the driver's license. The presence of a qualified lawyer in Colorado on your team can help you protect yourself more successful than if you tried to present themselves or rely on the help of a friend or family member of the & # 39; and that really does not have legal training and can not understand all the details of the laws of JUI.

Colorado Dui Laws

Two types of offenses in the management of drunk in California – DUI and DWAI. DUI driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or a combination of alcohol and drugs. DWAI means driving while impaired ability and somewhat different from the DUI. DWAI – is less offense, which occurs when a person has the blood alcohol concentration is 0.05% or more. In California, may be subject to two cases of liability when a case of CCI can be held liable. Aktsentruetstsa violations driver functions that can cause bizarre driving habits, failed sobriety test, drunken appearance or lack of alcohol in driving or the driver's breath. Another way of prosecution case – a case for the establishment of the results of chemical tests. If someone has a blood alcohol level greater than 0.08%, the prosecution does not have to show that they have been violated. They just need to show that the blood alcohol level exceeded the legal limit. Handling attorney Colorado JUI at this stage is 39 & # critical; legal representation from the beginning of your business can help you build a business without the need to search for the missing information or attempt to obtain records from others involved in the case.

Kalaradaskiya penalties

Penalties for the JUI in Colorado a few harsher than the penalties for Dui in some other states. In many states, there are positions in which the courts can replace public services or treatment program with addiction to a term of imprisonment. Colorado law requires violators JUI serve at least the minimum term of imprisonment within the term of imprisonment, which is used for a number of convictions for any other or future crime. The first offender DWAI company could face two to 180 days in jail, 100 to 500 penalties and 24 to 48 hours of community life. For the first offense DWAI no mandatory sentence. The first offense for breach of disorders can result in 5 days up to one year in prison, a fine of 300 to the United States and in social work from 48 to 96 hours, $ 1,000. DWAI second offense can result in imprisonment from 45 days to one year, from 300 to $ 1,000 fines and from 48 to 96 hours of community life. DWAI second offense carries a mandatory prison sentence of 5 days. DWAI previous DUI convictions can result in 60 days to one year in prison, from 400 to $ 1,200 fines and from 52 to 104 hours of service in the community. Mandatory prison sentence for DWAI previous DUI convictions is 6 days. Condemnation of the JUI with the previous verdict of the two can lead to imprisonment for 70 days to one year, from 450 to $ 1,500 fines and from 56 to 112 hours of service in the community. A mandatory term of imprisonment for this type of crime is 7 days. Condemnation of the JUI with the previous indictment duty force to go beyond the 90 days up to one year in prison, from 500 to $ 1,500 fines and from 60 to 120 hours of service in the community. A mandatory term of imprisonment for the offense level is 10 days. Time in prison and fines can be very serious & # 39; severe penalties, so it is important to have a lawyer in Colorado, which is on your side. The presence of an attorney in your corner can help you get a fair trial and get the best score to win your case.

Administrative penalties JUI

Someone that threatens criminal liability associated with the JUI in Colorado, also faces an administrative penalty imposed by the Ministry of automobile vehicles. If you are arrested, the officer will tell you that the suspension of a license will come into effect after 7 calendar days after the arrest. It gives you 7 days to request a hearing within the Department of motor vehicles. This is very important, and not to forget or do wrong. If you do not ask for a hearing, your license will be canceled, so you will need to request a hearing within the 7-day period. Once you have asked for a hearing, you will be allowed to drive a car before the hearing date, which usually occurs between 30 and 45 days from the date of request. Even people who live in other states, must have a hearing in Colorado when they trespassed Dui within the state. Many are wondering if they can get is limited evidence that allow to drive to work and to work every day. People convicted in the JUI in Colorado are likely to be disappointed. Some offenders may receive a limited operating license after serving part of the rejection or withdrawal. Others can not qualify for a license to operate because of previous convictions JUI or bad motion recording. Even first time offenders can be kept waiting a delay of one year, while not having any license. If you are caught driving, if the suspension or revocation of a driver's license, you will get any additional periods of suspension of work a year or more. Losing the rights to driving can affect livelihoods and care for the family & # 39; S. Do everything you can to protect yourself and protect your license, hiring a Colorado DUI attorney, to represent you in your DUI case on or DWAI.

The disclosure requirements Colorado HOA

disclosure of information

With the passage of SB100 statues of Colorado right now require each association homeowners (HOA) in the state delivered at least annually within 90 days after the end of each financial year, the following information for all owners after a reasonable message:

  • The date on which the fiscal year begins and the operating budget for the current fiscal year.
  • A list of the type of unit the current valuation of the owner, including regular and special assessments.
  • Its annual financial report, the results of any checks and the list of all the insurance policies of the association.
  • By-laws, articles, regulations and rules of the Association.
  • All minutes of meetings of the executive board and members for the fiscal year preceding the current annual disclosure.
  • Responsible Governance Policy Association

This information should be readily available to owners at their convenience and free. Presence means that it can be published on a web page as long as the accompanying notice will be sent by first class or by e-mail; it can be maintained as part of the literary table or a binder in place of the Association; or it can be mailed or personally delivered to the owner of the property. The cost of any distribution is treated as a shared responsibility for the costs.

Disclosure of the seller to the buyer

SB 100 states that except in the case of foreclosure sales , The seller of the property in the community of interests should send an e-mail or send the customer the most current copy of the following documents:

  1. by-laws and rules of the association;
  2. covenants;
  3. the operating budget of the association;
  4. declaration;
  5. report on the annual income and expenses of the Association;
  6. minutes from the last annual meeting of the owner and any meeting of the executive board, which occurred during the six months immediately before the date of the header; and
  7. Association balance.

This law obliges the seller to provide the buyer with the information voiced HOA on time or in case of sale of the owner, not later than 10 days prior to closing.

The new law also states that "written notice of any unsatisfactory position in any of the documents listed above should be a reason for termination of the contract if it is signed by the buyer or on behalf of the buyer and seller are provided or the end of the term of the documents." These requirements do not include a unit time share .

responsibility HOA

Association should make every effort to meet the seller a request for documents. The association may charge a reasonable fee not to exceed the actual cost of association on the page, and must provide the documents within 5 days of receipt of the notification.

Disclosure of the documents / identity documents

In addition, the seller must provide the buyer with the disclosure statement in bold. Responsible seller must obtain from the customer a signed acknowledgment of receipt of the information and disclosure statement at closing. This signed form must also be sent to the FCM in a reasonable time.

Colorado – introductory guide to buying land in Colorado

In Colorado, there are some of the most interesting land for sale in the world. Many people are attracted to the idea of ​​owning real estate in the mountains every year flock to the ski areas and other public tourist places. In this article I want to present search base and acquiring the ideal property, which you've always dreamed of, and give you an understanding of what is needed for a successful real estate transaction.

Each county in Colorado operates on a different set of rules. It is very important to consider because they each have different ways of revenue such as tax assessment division rules and issuance of building permits. With some districts it is easier to work with than others. Keep this in mind as you begin to explore the area. To hear themselves in this area is not difficult, just parazmavlyayuchy with several local residents. Try calling a local business owner, and they probably will be more than happy to talk openly with you about the city.

First, make a general study and ensure that this is the place where you want to put your money. Recent sales data, tax information and detailed information about this property can be obtained from the County office assistant. Learn about guidelines for obtaining a building permit, call the Bureau of Land Management. If you mean specifically about & # 39; owned facility, ask if it is in the division and protective covenants. Another very important issue that should be noted – it is water.

Water Resources Department of Colorado – a place where they can apply. They have data on almost every hole, prasverzhanuyu in the state. If you study the property, you can find out if there is a hole, how deep it is, when drilled, and so on. They also issue permits for drilling new wells. As for drilling, it is necessary to know a few interesting things. If you have 35 acres or more, you qualify for a home well. If you have less than 35 hectares, you will have good use of the home and have restrictions on water use. Talk to svidravalnikam well and see how far they have to drill the water in the area. If your property has the right to water, find out what the right to water and how much water is actually too. Many times, the right to water can be more valuable than the land. Later, I will elaborate on the right to water, but as long as you remember it.

If you can refer to the realtor, because they tend to be the most experienced people you can find in the real estate sector in the region. This will give you a much greater sense of security to communicate with a real estate agent in the transaction, because they are professionals and are guided by the Code of Ethics. Realtors can help you in finding the property and the preparation of documents, and ultimately you will considerably facilitate life.

If you take the time and do research, I'm sure you'll find the ideal property. If you get into the details, it can be intimidating. I believe that the only way, if you find a real comfort zone when buying real estate – is not only conduct research, but actually hold it from corner to corner, so you know exactly what to get. It may cost a plane ticket. Good luck and happy hunting on the property.

Colorado mortgage leads

As a mortgage broker or lender, mortgage loans – the most desirable goods. Thanks to a mixture of good customer relations, trade and power sellers, mortgage division can be quickly converted into a mortgage client.

All mortgage benefits are good, whether it is a mortgage lidyng Texas, Florida, California Mortgage album. Today we delve into the phenomenon of the Colorado mortgage department, part of the mountain, south-western and central areas of the US.

The US Census Bureau says that the population of Colorado in 2006 was 4753.37, which is 10.49% more than the 2000 increase of this meaningful in conjunction with the eighth most powerful personal income per capita makes Colorado a flourishing real estate market attractive to new buyers housing and those who aspire to the beauty of the Rocky mountains. Colorado mortgage waste is rich and usually beautiful kanvertorav.

The influx of people seeking to move to cities in Colorado, like Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Arvada, Puebla, Westminster or Boulder, Colorado has become a good mortgage brokers or lenders who are looking for a mortgage loan Colorado. Coloradans make debt consolidation, 125% 2nd mortgage, leads to the refinancing of mortgage loans, resulting in equity capital, mortgage subsidyynyya benefits big bills for refinancing and more. It is a real refuge for mortgages that creates wealth Colorado mortgage customers.

A strong economy and growing population means a hot real estate market, and more than enough Colorado mortgage leads to get around. The terrain may be rocky, with lots of peaks and valleys, but the forecast for Colorado mortgage brokers and lenders as smooth as it can be.