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Health Care Worker Aboard Cruise Ship Monitored for Ebola Symptoms
Obama administration officials said a Dallas health care worker who handled a lab specimen from an Ebola-infected man from Liberia who died of the disease is on a Caribbean cruise ship where she has self-quarantined and is being monitored for any signs …
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Dallas Ebola Worker Quarantined On Cruise Ship
The CDC requested that the couple return home from Belize, but reports out of the country indicate that the cruise ship is remaining off-shore, and its passengers are not allowed to disembark. Government officials in Belize are saying that they decided …
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Expert: Cruise ships 'very prepared for contagious diseases'
"The cruise ships are actually very prepared for contagious diseases, because of their Norwalk scare," Dr. Mary Schmidt said on "America's Newsroom," referring to a series of norovirus outbreaks in early 2014. "They are used and prepped for doing …
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