Fair and Colorado State Rodeas

In Pueblo, Colorado, is the state trade fair, which is filled with cowboys and shepherds and notes in the Mexican culture and Rodease annual day fiesta. This fair is held every year from late August to early September. Visitors to the fair come to check out the food, the music and the bronchi, and the Bucks.

This Fair Rode both PRCA, and with Charreada Rodeo. The PRCA you sit on the edge of your seats and watch rope tricks, shoot at a target of a racing horse and the most demanding of riders at a rodeo. In Charreada there is fierce competition, but there are some strange moments riding bulls and bulls tails in which reeds should grab the bull by the tail!

There is also the Association of competition trucks and tractor-drivers of the eight classes of competition from eco-modified small block on the tractor to a limited diesel tractor. In addition, see the contest, but he deserves to play and his glory.

Pepsi Stage in the family park is free and open to all the festivals, who are looking for a small entertainment while they relax the legs, enjoy the cool grass, and perhaps with & # 39; ride anything. He, along with an amphitheater Comcast creates excellent arena for local Colorado artists and talent to show their skills.

Over the past thirteen years, the fair was held the Fiesta Day, to celebrate the Spanish-Mexican food, entertainment and culture at the fair. Usually it is too late, so be sure that you will be able to make the last north, not turn into a pumpkin or is likely to fall asleep on the way home!

If you love the tips at the fair, there are three. Fiesta Parade – the main part of the celebration of the Fiesta Day with Mexican bands and traditional mariachi Mass before the parade. Children's parade just for children and is also filled with children; you can come to see the children dressed in their best and most unique costumes, because they compete for prizes based on creativity. National exhibition of hits each year has a different theme and is held before the start of the fair.

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