Legalize pot causes problems with the police in Colorado

In 2012, the vast majority of voters in Colorado approved a change to the state constitution that allowed the private sale and use of marijuana for recreational use. Sales began in 2014. Since then, the state has issued more than 2,900 licenses for the business of marijuana, 481 of which are directed at commercial dispensaries. As a result, as noted in one of the media in Colorado has more kashpovyh dispensary, than Starbucks, McDonald & 7 and 11 seats.

But even if it is legal to consume, to drive a car under the influence of marijuana remains illegal. Tragically, too many drivers who do not seem to ignore it and create a hazard as a result of smoking and driving. If you are injured in a car accident due to violation of driver's personal lawyer can suffer.

The deaths in the growth stage

According to the analysis of The Denver Post, the number of drivers involved in fatal accidents, which then tested the marijuana on a positive, bouncing with each passing year. Higher levels of the drug are also found among drivers who feel the positive effects. Last year, in one of the extreme examples of a driver checked testing for marijuana 22 times.

From 2013-16 Colorado experienced a 40-percent jump in the number of overall cases of road accidents in the past year – 880, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The data also show that the mortality associated with alcohol, is growing and has increased by 17 percent. The number of drivers protesting marijuana, jumped nearly 150 percent and 10 percent of all fatal road accidents.

While officials have successfully pointed out that the sharp rise in deaths associated with marijuana may finally be related to money, the numbers are alarming.

"Unlike alcohol, THC [the active ingredient in marijuana] may be expressed in the blood for days or weeks, when any violations disappear in a matter of hours" – Taylor West, former deputy director of the National Industry Association of cannabis, he told The Denver Post. "Thus, all these figures we really say that since then, as the beginning of the legal sale of adults, a growing number of people consuming cannabis, and then, at some point … to travel by car."

Testing – it is a problem

This is a problem faced by state and local authorities. The use of cannabis is growing rapidly, but law enforcement officials are still struggling to find the way to the final testing of drivers. There's no flavor marijuana and a blood test, which police can use to test drivers. There are tests that check the delta-9-THC or tetragidrakanabinal, but there is no accepted standard that shows who really violated, despite the frantic efforts of scientists to create it.

Colorado uses blood tests of THC, which the police can use to find out what is called "alleged" violation. Permissible output of installed five nanagramah THC per milliliter. Alcohol is quickly broken down in the body, which facilitates testing. On the other hand, THC may linger much longer in the body. In fact, heavy users, who then ustrymayutstsa marijuana can still test positive a month or more later.

At least two private companies engaged in the study of respiratory identification devices, but scientists believe that they have hit the market a few months or years. As a result, Colorado began training its officers on what to look for during traffic stops, solving the issue of violation of rights.

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