Doctors southwest Colorado reduce prescription drug use

Abuse of opioids, along with diabetes and suicide, with the & # 39 is a major health risk in southwest Colorado. For example, in the picturesque district of La Plata, the data offered Maritime College, contain opioids are responsible for the application of the five victims.
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The same results were observed in other counties of southwest Colorado, such as Arhyuleta, Montezuma, Dolores and San Juan. According to Mary Dengler-Frey, regional health services with health education center of Southwest Colorado (SWCAHEC), people still do not realize the severity of the crisis apioidnaga.
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As in the national scenario, in spite of several measures apioidnaya epidemic shows no signs of decline. Its seeds were sown in the 1990s when doctors began to prescribe medications to their patients randomly at the behest of the pharmaceutical companies.
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These drug manufacturers have assured the doctors that prescribed painkillers such as oxycodone and hydrocodone, will not lead to addiction. This assurance has been made on the basis of a letter of 100 words – with the conclusion that “the development of addiction is rare in patients who have no history of drug abuse,” – Herschel Zhyk and Jane Porter, published in the New England Journal of Medicine Journal in 1980 .
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In the midst of crisis, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that more than 60,000 Americans lost their lives from the epidemic of opioids in 2016. Realizing the scale of the losses, the president of Donald Trump announced epidemic of opioid emergency health in 2017 Thereafter, the Joint Commission on opioids, appointed by the president with the New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, has put forward a list of recommendations to end the problem of drug overdose.
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In Colorado, scene of a drug overdose was as bad as in other parts of the US. In 2016, Colorado was recorded about 228 deaths caused by heroin, which increased the number of cases associated with opioids, up to 300 per year. In addition to a large number of opioid overdose, it has led to the highest rates of hospitalization in the United States

The need for additional treatments for pain

Understanding how doctors enhance drug crisis, politicians are making efforts to stop the spread of prescription opioids. on opioids The Commission recommended to the government to discontinue the survey to determine patient satisfaction after treatment of pain. Apparently, such surveys can motivate doctors to prescribe opioids for only short-term relief. flights
Unfortunately, this measure proved counterproductive, leading to greater risks, such as overdose, dependence and tolerance. For example, doctors in Colorado held the line. They cut pills with a prescription. In the past, they were given a prescription opioids for 30 or 60 days. However, they are currently prescribed drugs for relatively shorter periods, e.g., from seven to 10 days, depending on the need.
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Secondly, in places like Mercy Regional Medical Center, doctors prefer to prescribe an alternative medication or those who do not require a prescription, such as tylenol, nerve blockers, etc. In addition, it also made a point to provide additional therapy for the treatment of pain for everyone. those who underwent surgery.
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This package may include massage, aromatherapy, music therapy, etc. In another medical center, based in the Cortes, Southwestern Medical Group physicians have begun the practice of checking the patient’s last way of depression and anxiety, to mitigate the risk of opioid abuse.
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In addition, the desire to stop the tide, resuscitation and clinics associated with Southwest healthcare system to provide patients opioids for two or three days, because the risk of dependence increases with a three-day dosing. . In addition, if any patient there will need to obtain additional opioids, it will have to turn to the primary care physician. flights
Apioidnaya dependence treatable

Due to the practice of appointing apioidnyh painkillers number of hospitals and clinics has decreased. Patients who are dependent on drugs, do not go to hospital and did not go to the doctor if they are able to buy painkillers.
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In this scenario, it is very important to take effective measures against the crisis apioidnaga. To combat the epidemic apioidnay necessary timely measures hospitals as in southwestern Colorado.

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