Top 5 Colorado shares in MMA

Discussing Colorado MMA, you can not ignore the struggle and their respective promoters that bring fans of mixed martial arts some great "moments of struggle" each year across the region. Some of these organizations have been around for many years, while others are seeking to strengthen its position in the growing market share.

As we look at the top 5, you have to consider the time, the impact on the Colorado MMA, the number of fights per year, etc. That being said, each listed event puts a quality product at the exhibition for the fans, and no one leaves disappointed. . We are fortunate to live in a state where many flowering shares put on exciting cards almost every month.

Let's face it. Here are the current Top 5 MMA action in Colorado and a brief description of what they each bring to the table:

1.) ring of fire Organizer: Sven Bean – granddaughter of them all. Promotion in Colorado to combat the most fans in the state first thinks in terms of the Colorado MMA. I went to my first show, "Fire", where the fights took place in Castle Rock, and it never fails. The first advertising card was held March 18, 2000 It was presented notable fighters Nathan Marquard and Leonard Garcia. Fire Of Fire saw a lot of other high-profile fighters, including Eliot Marshall, Mike Nickels, Donald Kerarona, Shane Corwin and Carlos Kondyta chaperone Ludwig.

2.) kikdaun MMA Promoter Steve Allie – coming a close second, promotion Kickdown MMA fights and spending in Colorado and Wyoming for many years, becoming a main scene Colorado MMA. The first battle took place in the shares of Golden February 23, 2002. The ball at the "Red Lion" in Denver are most of the activities Kickdown MMA, which creates the perfect atmosphere for a night of fights.

3.) The fight for victory Promoter: Seth Daniels – one of the new shares, Fight To Win to carry out activities from the beginning of 2008 and is quickly becoming one of the best promotions in Colorado. At the time of this writing, Seth Daniels just made Colorado history with "professionals" who exhibited at the expense primarily of professional card. Fight for victory, too, from time to time wrestling champions who in the region are welcome as long as they need.

4.) Rocky Mountain Bad Boys Promoter: Keith Shmeltser – promotion of MMA-cards in Denver and Greeley, RMBB puts the show in 2005. Crowds RMBB – some of the best, because there is something about the packing fans in the Red and Jerry & # 39; s in Denver and Island Grove Events Center in Greeley, which adds a new battle in the air. Furthermore, there is a need in the fighting MMA which RMBB well filled in Northern Colorado.

5.) No mercy, extreme combat Promoter: Natalie Mort – NME Fighting, as a rule, conducts its activities in the auditorium of the city of Colorado Springs, and doing it since 2007. RMBB slightly reversed the extreme mercy of the charity because of the number of years of work, but it certainly is in the top 5 promotion in the state holding several events per year. Check them out!

** ** Honorable Mention Bring Thunder MMA Organizer: Leister Bowling – latest action Colorado (as of this writing) started things with a bang September 11, 2010 on the campus of CSU-Pueblo. The event took place on a stack card with its own Colorado Elliott Marshall in the main event and the performance of Shane Corwin. With strong ties bowling in the fight, take care to Bring The Thunder MMA killed someone on the list in 2011.

Obviously, we are fortunate to be supporters of MMA and live in Colorado, as all the action here can offer. It really just comes down to time to enjoy the Colorado MMA.

See you at the fights!

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