5 Colorado Clean

If you are traveling to Colorado for the first time and do not want to spend hours searching for the most interesting cases here are five important things to which you can concentrate, which is difficult to duplicate in any other single state. Many of these activities do not attract long lines and a lot of people, and they do not have to cost a lot.

visit Brewpub

Moving on Milwaukee and St. Louis Stephen, we're talking about small breweries located throughout Colorado. You can make a brew in order to visit and navigate the entire state in search of the perfect brew or moonshine try to visit the October Festival in Denver, which is sold very quickly each year. This is a great way to quench the thirst of Colorado. Just do not spend all their time indoors.

See footprints and bones of dinosaurs

Many dinosaur skeletons you see in museums around the world, took place in Colorado. If you go to the Museum of Nature and Science in Denver or in the national monument of the dinosaurs in the northwest corner of the state, or check the tracks in 1300 Picketwire Kanonlende south of La Pound, you can develop your visit only on the basis of the dinosaurs. Also, there are traces of the west of Denver along Dinosaur Ridge. It is an experience that few others can claim state.

Spend time in the mountains

Look for outdoor music, local art and cooking chili, 4-round passage through the Engineer Pass fare for spectacular views of the mountains and wildflowers, hiking to waterfalls, ride on a hot air balloon, fish, kayak or raft, mountain bike down the mountain, which used for skating in the winter, skiing, climbing Fourteener or sand dunes. There is no better way to immerse yourself in the summer sun and appreciate the blue sky and white puffy clouds, then to spend the day in the mountains. Do not spoil things, forget sunscreen, sunglasses, rain jacket and lots of water. Even under the & # 39 entrance to the Pike Peak or Evans – a great way to spend the day and see the wildlife without using up all the oxygen.

Do something Western

Visit the ghost town, mining gold, make a trip on the steam train, Durango and Silvertan, go to the ranch dude to visit the Anasazi Pueblos, carved into the rocks, see the bison near Denver, snack real Mexican food, fresh chips and hot, spicy salsa, visit Shoes better shoes with shoes at the top, to get rid of rattlesnakes, to go to the rodeo and enjoy harrowing rams, see Amphitheater red rocks or the red rocks in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Just do not try to do it all in one day. Colorado – the eighth largest state and the mountains mean that you will not have to travel just when the crows fly.

Soak in the hot springs

So you talk and you need a massage. There is nothing better than to soak in the hot springs, many of which have associated resorts. Best experience – an external snow, when the snow falls on the face, or a summer breeze to cool the evening, with the sky full of glittering starlight. You've earned yourself a nice hot soak, and then you'll sleep like a baby, and you're ready to start again tomorrow.

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