Colorado and Miami this year the share of 25-years, but little else

Both teams are almost polar, but even two thousand miles separate them geographically. One team came out on paslyasezonny period last year and is expected to do so again in 2018 and the second in another long restructuring did not try to play-off for fifteen years.

Colorado consistently ranks in the top ten most popular clubs, which means that almost three million fans visit Coors Field, to see Rocky cliffs every year. Miami, on the contrary, over the past decade has attracted the smallest audience for the entire baseball.

Both teams, however, share a special anniversary today, spending the first game in its history March 5, 1993. Rocky cliffs and the Marlins have been a part of baseball's first expansion almost fifteen years, when the two teams were added in the US as well as in the national league.

On that day twenty-five years Colorado has lost Metz and Dwight Gudenu 3: 0, which not only excluded Rocky cliffs, but also killed the game's first run. Doc brought only two major hits, including the second single by Andres Gallaraga, who became the first in Colorado.

The first home run in the history of the Rockies came the next day, when they again lost to the Mets stadium Shi. Avtfelder Dante Bichett went deep with Brett Sabergagena sixth taningu, amounting to a single run with a loss of 6: 1 Metz.

Edged troubles are gone after Rocky played its first home game in the "Koors Field," which the second bazyst Eric Young christened April 9 with a home course to pull the bottom of the fifth. As it would be consistent for the next two decades, it took katarzh that day when Colorado defeated Montreal 11-4 exhibition.

In contrast to the rocky crags, the Marlins have to open the season at home at Joe Robbie Stadium. They made the most of it, defeating the Dodgers and a former winner of "Cy Young" Award swing Gershyzera six-three.

Florida midfielder Brett Barbara rescued first base hit of this new franchise, and the first victory earned karlikabalist Charlie Hough. The first home a run in the history of the franchise fish occurred only a week, and almost three thousand miles.

Star catcher Benita Sant & # 39; Yaga hit historic blast starter San Francisco Trevor Wilson Park Candlestick Park, but finally reached the Giants winning the four-three. A week after Sant & # 39; Yaga also became the first Marlins player who came out of their home in the park, if deep Greg Madduksa he went deep against the future Hall of Famer in the pot game, which Hrabravyya won five or four.

Of two young Marlins club enjoyed great success in the early years. In fact, in just five years of its history, Florida has won the World Series championship over the Indians of Cleveland. They would earn even five years later, zasmutsivshy strong supporters of the New York Yankees in six games.

Since then, like Rocky, we enjoyed the success that reached pennant ten years ago. Colorado was opposed almost every season since then and several times reached the playoffs.

Many baseball experts chosen a rocky cliff to get back in paslyasezonnuyu 2018, with almost all agree that the Marlin little chance to break even this year. But on this day a quarter of a century ago the two clubs were even dead.

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