Climbing Kvandry peak in spectacular Colorado

After scrolling tape my Instagram couple of months ago, looking at the picture after an impressive image of the splendor that is Colorado, I decided that I have to watch it with my own eyes. I booked a successful ticket and after two months I was in flight from Perth to Los Angeles (actually Perth-Sydney-Auckland-Los Angeles) in joyful anticipation of what is to come. Not only do I have for many years will be immersed in the beautiful landscape of Colorado, a leading bucket list, I met an amazing girl that I could not stop thinking. Yes, it was a long flight.

After spending a few days in Los Angeles with the assistant of the previous Cambodian escapade, I went back to Laax, Colorado. During the flight to Denver, I could not take my eyes away from the window with views of the spectacular terrain, over which we were flying. Maybe I really am a little sink, a combination of nature and loss of sleep deprivation. I met a girl luxury mentioned earlier, and we hired a car at the airport, having broken into the night in Denver. We were ready to go to the West

In the morning we headed for Brekenryzha, and the first ridge we were met by large forest areas, which are sitting on top of his head. They mingled among the beautiful pine and grand oaks. Prem & # 39; er property in any book. Then the snow began to fall … None of us never went through the snow, and so excited, as usual, with fresh impressions.

First trip to the & # 39; Breck & # 39; up to the wonderful Hanging Lakes, who returned a couple of hours and were pretty crowded all the way. Especially for me was taking a shower & # 39; under the ice at the top of the waterfall. Cold pretty decent, that shit was brazen.

The next day, I discovered the amazing opportunity to go white water rafting, to climb one of the infamous Colorado & # 39; 14ers & # 39 ;, the mountain, reaching over 14,000 (4240 m for those who are using the correct form of measurement). Although the weather & # 39; e was at best difficult, and I arrived in Colorado, but I could not miss the opportunity. I chose the route to the East Kuandry Peak as its purpose in connection with its relatively simple manner and the absence of technical problems.

Going to a local shop of outdoor recreation in the morning ascent, I picked up a pair of snow boots, which I was told to be the necessary equipment with such conditions (as you can see, I was well prepared ..) It was mid-May, but the snow lasted and hanging, falling well It held traditional ski season. Unusual conditions outside & # 39; I & # 39 were common trend in this trip, Hollywood Boulevard was flooded, and Texas also had the combination of deadly floods and tornadoes on arrival.

I was thrown in the database Kvandry in the middle of the morning, and I went (This is not really recommended, as an early start tends to avoid thunderstorms developing later date). The karpartsy played a few people, but otherwise I was all the time on the mountain all the time. I think that & # 39; th is not a good sign for the fact that the campaign is considered to be quite popular. Fortunately, the first half was pretty good snow-covered path and I was able to pass at least some form of tracks up to the summit.

After 30 wonderful hiking snow began to fall, and in fact I did not go down the descent. It was not very difficult, but in combination with the wind that rose beyond the wood, it made for themselves a cool trip. When I got to the turn, I was confronted with a rather ominous view of the stage. Nearby peaks to the south were hung with a dark cloud, and it will not be too long before Kuandry was also covered.

Natsisnuvshysya, I managed to reach the top in about 2 1/2 hours after the launch. Until now the cloud is good to really roll up, and the upper part of the mountain was in the midst of a fairly decent whitewash. Previously, I've heard a lot about it from the & # 39 classified (mostly tips to avoid them at all costs), and I felt a little more helpful to have a new experience. This continued until I realized that barely see his feet.

It was difficult to walk on any path that I left on the climb, so I was left to stumble blindly down, hoping that will go in the right direction. Fortunately, the eastern route to Kuandry – a rather gentle slope that has no breaks and downs, so I was in this area is safe. I still wanted to avoid a total loss, because I did not have any clicking with where I was or where to go other ways or paths that surround the mountain. Not so much of a chance in this regard ..

I had come down from the ridge and back to the vision of the world around me. Realizing that I had lost my way, but, thinking that at some point I trip over it, I went back to the tree and found a number of ski slopes, which, in my opinion, would lead me to where I wanted to go. Wrong. They flew in a completely different direction, and then I got lost, and I still followed them, hoping that eventually lead to the road or to the beginning of another route.

The problem was that no one came this way, so there was no snow. It was also in the early afternoon, which means that the snow is soft and the wheel. Excellent hike conditions. It's really terrible snow material. When you first see again, it excitedly and joyfully, but the reality is not long to wait and remember that it is in fact a bastard.

It was a constant battle, which was returning from the mountain. I was knocked out at every turn, often providing a waist deep in the white pulp of good. Several times I had to reach down and pull the snow by hand, put his meter or more below the surface. Yes, I wore snowshoes, which were soft. Fortunately, there were a few small trees, which I could use to get myself, I have no idea how I actually turned out differently.

Ski slopes as a result of brought me back to the beginning of the route, along which I walked, and I wearily went on the road to wave at a passing car. The descent took me so long as initially we had to get up. Beautiful old lady grabbed me and after a very zahaplenaga binge on Amish threw me to the local watering. The night was very dirty.

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