Hiking in Colorado


Colorado covers most of the Southern Rocky Mountains, the north-eastern part of the Colorado Plateau and the edge of the Great Plains. This state, which is located in the western US, is famous for its diverse landscapes, which consist of mountains, plateaus, deserts, rivers, plains, Mesa, and more. No wonder the tourism that visits this area, with the & # 39 is a favorite pastime of tourism. Below are some of the best nature trails that you can explore when visiting Colorado.

Colorado trail
Trail Colorado located on Kenosha passage. This flight of 500 miles, going through Denver to Durango. If you are a beginner hike again, start with the easy part of the trail next to Brekenryzh. If possible, walk the path where you walk past the 10,000-futovaga transition Kenosha. This natural way to show your national forests, deserts, grasslands and snow-capped mountains.

Trail B & # 39; yutsa
This is a relatively easy hike, which takes up to 1.5 miles. It is located in the North-Butts and renowned strange species of wildlife, interesting bird varieties and vibrant colors of wildflowers. Just watch out for the coyotes, who are hiding in the woods along the trails.

emerald Lake
Now that you are looking for a mountain lake, you definitely need to go to the National Park of Rocky burned areas, where you will find the Emerald Lake. Trekking here is mild to moderate, when you go from lake to lake nimfskaga Mara. Grandiose species that you see in these pathways, destroy your exhaustion.


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