Strawberry Park, located in Steamboat Sprigs Colorado

To the north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado where the valley called Strawberry Park, named in the surroundings of the award-Strawberry boom between 1910 and 1013 years. Park about two miles and miles long. Last Valley to the mountains of the park coast rises to more than twelve thousand feet. This beautiful neighborhood located north of Steamboat Springs, Kohana, and adjacent to the ship's Old Town. All the amenities that can offer Steamboat Springs, located a few minutes from the park, including the ski area Steamboat.

Strawberry Park – a beautiful lush mountain valley. All kinds of wildlife, ditches and streams run through the area, providing a colorful setting. This valley is also slightly warmer than the city of Steamboat Springs, Co., due to the mild inversion. All estates in Strawberry Park have a minimum of 15 acres and zoned agricultural. Many property owners have annual harvest of hay and own a horse or other animal. Splendid Park Meadows, covered sun and irrigated from the next Garden Creek; water source, which begins with the not so distant, the Continental Divide. Public and private equestrian trails (hiking / biking trails) winds through the park and surrounding National Forest.

Strawberry Park with & # 39 is the home of the world-renowned performing arts camp Perry-Mansfield, a highly regarded school Lowell Whitman (Prep), as well as the famous Hot Spring Park Strawberry Park. In addition, in the park you can go to Buffalo and armholes million acres of national forests Rutten haven for outdoor recreation with more than a hundred natural lakes! Buffalo Pass to the & # 39 is the home of the famous steamship cat Steamboat, the company with the powder. Snegahodki and other Western countries lovers seek shelter Buffalo for a winter holiday. In summer, Buffalo Pass, you can get a variety of trails suitable for mountain biking, hiking, horse riders and bikers with dirt. Buffalo Pass – it is also the gateway to continental separation (Trail), which runs north and south through North America.

Strawberry Park is adjacent to the Paris Springs Old Town, Co., and the ship in the center of the city. A few minutes from strawberry strawberry is the center of the ship, which enhances all the amenities of a modern city. Steamboat – it is a living community that loves good health, leisure, cultural activities, music, and visual and performing arts. Steamboat – is a place that embraces delight and the ability to lead a life that you want.

Strawberry Park offers the ultimate nature, the style of life in the countryside and mountain vacation with the convenience of city Steamboat on the doorstep. A special place, which will boost your well-being and provide a lifestyle that most people only want to. This is a place that is worth exploring, if you have a desire to that kind of life.

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