The pros and cons of online shopping

More and more people are going online to shop for a wide variety of things, from plane tickets to shoes to homes. It can be incredibly convenient to stay home and shop for virtually everything you need. Here are some of the pros and cons:



Shopping at a brick and mortar store has less flexibility with the need for travel, possible parking issues, and fixed hours. But those who prefer to shop online have the convenience of being able to browse and buy things at any time. The ability to avoid traveling will certainly appeal to those who do not have their own transportation, to those who are home or just when the weather is not pleasant.

Price comparison

When shopping at a traditional store, there is less competition and you just have to accept the price at the store where you have the items you want. However, it is really easy to compare prices when you are online. There are many price comparison sites that allow you to check the price of a particular item in a long list of different suppliers. Plus, online stores can provide more incentives for returning as a repeat customer, such as special deals or discounts on signing up for the monthly newsletter.

Wider choice

Online stores are not limited by the amount of space available to display their inventory. They have the opportunity to display the most impressive choices that could never fit in the shelf space of a brick and mortar store. Plus, when you're online, it's really easy to move on to the next store if your preferred item isn't available.

Read customer reviews

Most online stores provide easy access to customer reviews for almost any product. This helps to create a more informed purchasing decision. The reviews give a more detailed view of a product than the limited information provided by the manufacturer.


I can't try things

A specific problem with buying clothes online is the inability to try things out, see how they are made, or feel the material. Unless you are shopping for a familiar garment, there is every chance that things will go wrong and you may get a poorly suited item. Even the thought that most stores accept returns is still an inconvenience of having to keep returning goods until they reach the right size and appearance.


In addition, it is rarely possible to speak to a seller immediately if assistance is required. Although there is an option to send a message, it may not respond for 24 hours or more.