Ghosts of St. Elmo, Colorado

In 1881, Stark breeder Anton was so taken from the town of St. Elmo, that he and his family & # 39; I quickly lived. Anton became head of the department of one of the local mines, and his wife Anna ran a public store and the hotel Home Comfort, which later became the home of mail and telegraph office.

Anton and Anna three children in St. Elmo, Tony Roi and Annabel, who worked in the hotel and shop. The hotel was said to be the cleanest in the city, the best food and supplies in the store abundant than in other institutions.

Something & # 39; I was part of the elite Stark St Elma. Anne is believed to have been boundless woman who rigidly controlled children, believing that they are better than other citizens – coal miners, railway workers, prostitutes and hard women. Children are rarely allowed to leave the house, forbidden to visit the local dances and social events, and they communicate only with each other.

Failure of many mines and the closure of the alpine tunnel in 1910, the beginning of the decline of St. Elmo. But there & # 39; I stayed Stark, veryvshy that St. Elmo will flourish again, buying property at a tax sale.

Over the years, Roy and Tony Stark tried to influence the developers when you reopen the mines, but if they failed, they turned to tourism, giving holidaymakers the empty cabins and will continue to operate convenience stores.

After the death of Anton Stark, Anna realized that the tourist trade in the St. Elmo does not provide some & # 39; w, Annabelle and sent to work in a telegraph office in solidi, 20 miles south of St. Elma.

Soon Annabelle met a young man named Ward, and in 1922 they married. Unfortunately, the marriage did not work, and only two years later, she returned to St. Elmo, where she spent the rest of his life.

Three eccentric Stark's children with her mother continued to run the shop and take tourists cabins, although the general state of the town deteriorated. By 1930, the number of St. Elmo was reduced to seven.

In 1934, Roy Stark died, and his mother Anna died soon after. The only residents who remained were Annabelle and Tony, who lived in the dead city without a closed plumbing and electricity. The store is said to be "smelled of acid", it faded cans outdated food and stale tobacco.

Although Annabel always said I was a good and generous to those who still visits the store, the locals began to call her "Dirty Annie" for the dirty clothes and tangled hair. It was also known that wandering through the old town, with a rifle in his hands to protect his property.

Eventually Tony and Annabel were sent to a mental institution. However, a few weeks sympathetic friend convinced authorities that they do not harm anyone, and they were released.

Soon after Tony died, and in 1958 Anabel sent to a nursing home, she died in 1960. Their property was transferred to a sympathetic friend who helped them.

Shortly after the death of Annabel, girlfriend grandchildren playing in a hotel room, when suddenly all the doors were closed in the room and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees. Frightened children refused to play again in the hotel.

Another grandson, a young woman of twenty, decided to take the hotel as a project, cleaning rooms, doing small repairs and washing walls and floors. Along the day, she and her friends would be removed for washing tools and resources they found them in the middle of the floor, when they returned the next day. After this went on, they began to place items in the joint cabinet, but when they returned, they found themselves in the middle of the floor.

Real Estate in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs – a place of enchanting beauty and splendor. This is the place where everyone would like to have a home. If you are one of them, then your wish and decision positively. Whether you are a local resident of Colorado Springs and want to buy another house; or you are a resident of any other state and you want to relocate or invest in real estate in Colorado Springs. Here you can get the best deals and the property in which to invest. If you are looking for a mountain property, or the roof of the roof down the hill, you will find anything you want.

How to go about buying their dream home in Colorado, it is the first most important issue.

First you need to remember a few things to get the best property. Buy property through a reliable realtor or real estate agent. As they do all the documentation and footwork, all you have to do is to sign and pay for your property. But if you do not want to take on a job, you first need to learn about the city's well-estate. Talk to your friends who are already living in the region. Click on the forums on the Internet.

Decide on a budget and looking for properties that fall within your budget. Look financing scheme property. If you decide to buy something, take a good look at it. With these few steps you can invest in a better property.

Colorado Creative Learning in Colorado, part 2

STEP Analysis

Colorado Creative Music STEP-analysis aimed at analyzing factors makraekalagichnyh music business, which deals with the company. These factors fall into the political, economic, social and technological groups (Pearce, Robinson, 2000).

Political factors affecting music business in general and the CCM, in particular: strong political stability in the United States; regulatory and legal issues related to the music business, including copyright laws on copyright protection on the writing and recording music, legislation on copyright, the problem affects the promotion and distribution of virtual internet, such as the Law on the recording of home recording (1992) without electronic theft (NET Act) (1997), "The law of digital designs on sound recordings (DPRSRA) 1995 Copyright Act in the digital millennium", "Law on law: the competition Act to the music on the Internet andLaw on Protection of Consumer Broadband and Digital Television "(CBDTPA)" and other environmental standards and job requirements do not affect the business, which deals with CCM. As regards fiscal policies, while in 2000 out of a total income of $ 216 614.05 the company must had to pay $ 4 744.97 tax that is not a & # 39 is a high rate and accounts for nearly 2% of total revenue. In general, it should be noted that political factors are favorable for the music industry and especially for the CCM.

Economic factors include macroeconomic indices, which may affect the music recording industry. It is also for SCM favorable macroeconomic factors such as economic growth, interest rates and inflation. Thus, the US economy has been increasing since 1995. True Orthodox supplies in 1997, 1998 The unemployment rate increased gradually from 1995 to 2000.

Social factors that cover demographic and cultural aspects of the environment associated with the music recording industry – this population growth, age distribution, and related to the media. Population growth in the US is stable, and the age distribution also contributes to the recording industry. It should be noted that for the music industry in general, teenagers and 20-year-olds – the main customer segments, but CCM aims to attract people of the age range of 40-60 years. Thus, a large proportion of the American population corresponds to this target market.

Technological advances in recording, promotion and distribution of music has several effects on the recording. One aspect of the problem is that musicians are no longer dependent on major labels that create or distribute their products. (Viljoen & Dann, 2000) Alternative software in the MP3 format has become increasingly popular since 1998. In conventional audio space can accommodate 12 to 15 recordings; Software MP3 can store about 150 music tracks. "The transition to MP3, as the new format, which replaces the CD-ROM, as well as the CD replaced vinyl albums, was accelerated by the influx of new portable MP3-players in the market – some less than conventional Sony Discmans." (Viljoen & Dann 2000, p. 173). On the other hand, new digital technologies that with & # 39 appeared in the late 20th century, not only facilitate the process of recording music, but much cheaper, allowing many businesses with limited resources to enter the market. So, if in 1980 a professional recording studio with all the recording equipment, which worked on vinyl or tape recorders, worth several million dollars and, thus, was the domain of 5 or 6 major record companies in 2000, assembly of professional recording studio could It is carried out free of charge only 5000 dollars. All equipment and facilities, thanks to the world's progress in technology for ordinary artist or a businessman is much more accessible.

SWOT analysis


* Favorable costs with new technology that is the result of the digital revolution. Cheaper not only build the studio with all the necessary equipment, but also the copying of CDs, storage and shipping. Low production cost, duplication (duplication of 500 CDs ranges from 1.90 to 3.63 dollar, duplication 2000 CD costs about a dollar per CD), shipping and storage makes the final product less expensive and more accessible to customers, thereby extending the range and scope of use of the target market.

* Positioning of CCM in a distinctive niche. CCM – a company that specializes in classical and traditional instrumental music.

* There is a growing customer base and customer loyalty within the target group. The growth of the customer base through expansion of product lines (4 already, each year out 2 new lines) and geographic coverage of listeners.

* Good customer service shown through direct contact between Darrenam and his supporters.


* There is a clear strategic vision: CCM needs a long-term vision that includes all areas of business, from marketing and management to distribution and human resources. At present the company is in a dilemma further strategic development that will focus either on the rise or development of a record company or a more active promotion and distribution of products through the ability of other companies (the company is now regarded her leadership as the potential of the & # 39; object of acquisition or investments)

* Competitive disadvantages: CCM can not enter the retail market in relation to its current level of sales. Rivals such as major labels have the advantage because they have more market power and influence. Such firms may clarify when their music should be played on the radio, and negotiate contracts with large dystryb & # 39; Yutariya and retail outlets, thus giving a more broad appeal.

* Limited distribution channels: the company now largely relies on such sources allocation as direct sales, which include sales at the concert, distribution of shopping centers and sales in the rear (800 rooms, processing orders online and mail). These channels & # 39 are the main sources of income for the company. However, to expand its customer base, the company must purchase official distribution channels, such as sales through traditional music distribution networks and others.

* CCM is not enough financial resources to find new opportunities. The income is small, that is, new features may not be available, and long-term improvement may not be available due to the initial cost. To conclude a contract with the major labels, which would provide the company access to the traditional distribution of products, the company needs to sell at least 15,000 copies of its products each year. On the other hand, high sales figures can not be obtained without a good traditional distribution channels.

* CCM is losing ground to large firms because of limited exposure. Currently, CCM is not covered by global or national audience, both independent and major labels. CCM needs to expand its reach and customer base expansion.


* Service of additional customer groups by expanding collaboration with other artists and expanding akustyterapii and other product lines with new marketing strategies.

* Internet through increased e-commerce and production of MP3-files.

* Expansion of sales in the whole country.

* The acquisition of traditional distribution channels to reach a wider customer exposure

* Development of new technologies to cope with the driving forces of the industry.

* The release compilations with other artists proved popular. One strategy could be the assembly of songs (eg, Accoustictherapy) in the studio and sale of the finished disc at a discount price back to artists who live in their home cities. This method will cover the upfront cost and will allow players a financial incentive to promote the product.

* Push sales in non-traditional areas such as weddings, music shopping center, etc.


* A large number of new entrants and the growth of other smaller labels thanks to the digital revolution. In addition, major brands and independent brands may decide to enter the domestic market of CCM and to try to oust the smaller labels from the market.

* Loss on sale of replacement products, such as mp3 or download online

* Vulnerability industry driving forces of the weak position of CCM in its field, taking into account the fact that the company takes mikrobki segment of the market and make a profit is primarily due to the low cost of digital recording.

Model competition five forces

Model of competition Michael Porter (Porter, 1980), when it is applied to the music industry coding, comprises the following components: The rivalry among sellers of recorded music (competition for a better market position and competitive advantage); performers and other music providers manufacturer or seller of recorded music; dystryb & # 39; Yutariya, retailers and individual customers of music; competitive pressure from substitutes recorded music to customer-winners; and the threat of new entrants in the industry of recorded music.

Perhaps the most powerful competitive force belongs to such factors as competition among producers and sellers of musical products. Music recording industry has 4 clearly identifying segments: major recording studios, independent labels, mityketki and bustle.

The main companies of the first level are a large number of artists under contracts, which reach 100, specialize in various types of music – rock, country, jazz, classical, traditional and others, and also have formal and reliable national and international distribution channels. Examples of such companies are the & # 39 Columbia, Sony Music, EMI, GMG, Warner Brothers, Atlantic Records, and others. In fact, these companies are not many, and equipment for recording relatively expensive and is at least a couple of million dollars, as these studios to record music from analog rather than digital equipment, so as to obtain three-dimensional, saturated, rich sound, instead of the correct but a simple digital audio.

Independent labels 10-100 artists under contract, focusing on the recording of one or two main styles of music and are either national or most of the regional distribution channels. Examples of independent representatives, "higher octave", "Metal Blade", "Rhino Records", "War", "Uindhan Hill", "Sandentsyi planet." These companies are more numerous than the first tier, and may use analog equipment as well as digital. Typically, independent labels tend to grow into a major, but for this they need to invest a lot of money in the reclamation of their equipment.

Micro-labels have less than 10 artists under contract and highly targeted for a certain style of music. They are characterized by a small staff and a supervisor who acts as a lead artist studio. Mikraetyketki rarely formal distribution system and to a greater extent rely on direct sales to fans and wholesale club and special retailers. In the US market presented mityketki Etherian, Evol Egg Nart, Cuneiform Records, CCM and many others. Typically, these companies are experiencing competition from the low cost of digital recording.

Labels – it is the fourth, the last and most specialized segment of the music industry. They are based independent artists for recording and selling their products. Examples of Vanity labels are the & # 39 Bob Kalbertsan, Watson and Company, Lao teaser, Esteban Ramirez and many others. (Darren and Wing, 2003). Currently, CCM – it mitkalyagichnaya brand, which aims to transform into an independent label.

In the first place, contest among rivals is based on the popularity of the artist and songs recorded by their companies. Recording studios intensely struggling to attract top performers looking to their contracts. If the song or artist are very popular, the price to & # 39 is a secondary factor that may affect competition. However, if the contractor less known or recorded songs are not very popular, the price plays the role of competition and strategy. In the process of spreading the competition emphasizes access to traditional music distribution channels, such as retail music stores, large chain stores, independent record stores and internet-dystryb & # 39; Yutariya such as These tools are very important for sales performers disks, in addition to direct sales on their performances. In addition, another factor that greatly affects the sale of CD – this is advertising of songs and radio promotion and transfer.

For PFC rivalry, of course, with the & # 39 is the most important source of competitive pressure. Strong competition from rival producers and sellers of music can be explained by the fact that CCM artists are not known to the general public compared to the first level artists and independent labels.

On the contrary, the competitive threat of new entry – it is certainly a weak competitive strength, located between weak and moderate. For new producers of recorded music bar & # 39; EASURES for entry are not high, especially those which focus on a limited segment of the market and use cheap digital recording technology. SCM can serve as striking example of such entry. This cheap digital recording technology now can be collected not more than $ 5,000. However, expensive analog technologies continue to be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions. The technology used by the firm, it automatically determines the resources and takes place in the recording industry. In addition to the cost of equipment, the main subject of the competition for new members will be clear and the market share of & # 39; sales. Significant about the & # 39; the volume of sales, in turn, depends on the ability of new entrants to attract famous, popular and well-known artists and singers, whose songs are able to climb to the top of the popularity charts. Given the fact that almost all the popular artists have already signed contracts with major record labels, this is a significant barrier to new entrants. Another important bar & # 39; Jeremiah c & # 39 is to obtain a significant distribution channel. Typically, large shopping centers and retailers of music CDs are interested in selling music artists known and do not want to take the products with respect to unknown artists. not very strong for CCM threat of new entry, as the company is focused on a relatively narrow segment of the market. Although, if the new entrant uses the same recording technology, distribution channels and focuses on the same niche in the market, this fact can be a problem suras & # 39; oznaga values.

Competition replacement products can be considered as moderately competitive force in the music industry. Such goods, substitutions are shown in the form of providing consumers with the opportunity to listen to the music CD to other means such as radio, cable TV music channels, live concerts in local bars or nightclubs with live performances or recorded music and the Internet. The Internet has become by far the most important and powerful replacement for the traditional buying CDs as the music presented on the Internet, often cheaper or completely free and does not significantly inferior in quality than .wma CD format. Thus, for a certain number of people, these funds serve as an effective substitute, but the acquisition of the official CD-ROM is necessary for music fans. As for Colorado Creative Music, people can enjoy live performances of these artists and decide not to buy their CDs. Thus, from the perspective of CCM, it can be considered a fairly significant competitive force.

A situation that remained – a victorious power of suppliers and the bargaining power of buyers and cooperative relationship with the seller buyers that with & # 39 are both strong competitive force.

Firstly, the profitable power of suppliers depends on the popularity and reputation of the artists. Those who are popular and whose records sell well, have strong negotiation, can choose among numerous recording studios. CCM specializes on recordings by notorious artists, so he uses the weak negotiations, as performers, who are engaged in CCM, do not have many alternatives for studio recordings and CD distribution.

Negotiating ability of buyers and collaborative buyer-seller relationship – a very strong competitive force. Main dystryb & # 39; Yutariya recorded music CDs are marketed to leading music stores and other retailers of music, these leading dystryb & # 39; Yutariya make up about 40 000 copies of CDs and run on 60-90 work schedule, while maintaining full return on investment privilege for unsold copies . Так званыя "ўсе прыпынкі" – гэта дыстрыб'ютары, якія прадастаўляюць прадукцыю для незалежных крам музыкі ў меншай колькасці і вельмі часта з абмежаваным спектрам тыпаў музыкі. Звычайна такія дыстрыб'ютары аддаюць перавагу апрацоўваць кампакт-дыскі вельмі папулярных выканаўцаў альбо, прынамсі, вядомых выканаўцаў, і часцяком яны не зацікаўлены ў распаўсюдзе кампакт-дыскаў невядомых выканаўцаў. Такім чынам, CCM сутыкаецца з вялікімі цяжкасцямі ў атрыманні прыстойнага і афіцыйнага распаўсюджвання, асабліва ў прадастаўленні сваёй прадукцыі ў такіх музычных крамах, як Сэм Гудзі, Tower Records, Border Books and Music, а таксама Barnes and Noble.

Акрамя таго, вялікую ролю ў працэсе распаўсюджвання адыгрывае тое, што людзі слухаюць музыку, каб яны маглі больш ахвотна купляць дыскі. Сюды ўваходзіць прайграванне музыкі на радыёстанцыях, на тэлеканалах музыкі і ўключэнне саўндтрэкаў у фільмы. Пакуль выканаўцы і артысты CCM не становяцца настолькі вядомымі, што іх просяць у рознічных музычных крамах, у кампаніі мала шанцаў атрымаць значнае прадстаўніцтва буйных дыстрыб'ютараў CD. Дырэктар кампаніі, Дарэн Скансан, звязаўся з некаторымі рознічнымі прадаўцамі і высветліў, што гэта вельмі працаёмкая і цяжкая задача, каб распаўсюджваць дыскі, якія распаўсюджваюцца рознічнымі гандлярамі ў яго мясцовым рэгіёне. Людзей, якіх ён наняў для вырашэння праблемы, таксама не пашанцавала. CCM меў пэўны вопыт продажу дыскаў праз аднабаковы дыстрыб'ютар, але гэта было не вельмі паспяхова з-за высокай разметкі, накладзенай дыстрыб'ютарам на кампакт-дыскі CCM. У канчатковым рахунку, Дарэн плануе зрабіць свае лінейкі прадуктаў, такія як Даррэн Керціс Скансан, "Музыка для свечак" і іншых выканаўцаў, досыць папулярны, каб іх CD распаўсюджваўся па буйных музычных крамах. Але на сённяшні дзень пераважная частка продажаў CCM звязана з прамымі продажамі, такімі як продажы на канцэрце, распаўсюджванне гандлёвых цэнтраў і Інтэрнэт, пошты і тэлефонныя заказы музыкаў & # 39; Дыскі.

Colorado ski resorts

Colorado – a great place for skiing. Colorado ski resorts offer a great way to experience the mountain cliffs. You can find some resorts with world-class restaurants. In others there is a world-class ski instructors. They also offer equipment rental. Some of them are aimed at seven & # 39; and and offer programs for children. Here are tips for choosing Colorado ski resort, which is ideal for your ski holiday.

A good place to start – check the Internet to see Colorado ski resorts offer discounts. Some may offer packages that include things such as lifts, hire and even tickets. If you can not find any transaction on the Internet, in person, call for various ski resorts, to find out whether they work on special. You can also ask for information on travel forums and contact their travel agents. Sometimes travel agents have access to different information.

If several different resorts offer a special election, it is important to choose one that you like and decide which features are important to you. What number would you like? Do you want to & # 39; to eat the food at the ski resort? Are you traveling with family & # 39; it? You need rental equipment? The answers to these questions will help you narrow down your choices. If you still feel the problem with the selection, contact a travel agent for advice or talk to people online. There are many forums and news groups that are guided on a tour or skiing.

Colorado ski resorts offer a great way to experience skiing in the rocky crags. Many people say that skiing in Colorado with a & # 39 is one of the best in the world. Try to find deals that include several aspects of your skiing holiday. If you can not find the offer and still want to go, do not let you stop; if money is really a problem, there are other ways to cut back on holiday spending.

Snowmobile tours in Brekenryzh, Colorado

If you want to explore more than just the ski slopes on your next winter holiday in Brekenryzh, Colorado, consider booking the tour on a snowmobile. Snowmobile "Brekenryzh" provides a useful escape in the heart of the desert rocky mountains, the attending guests a dazzling view and the opportunity to play in the deepest powder-filled bowls and high alpine meadows.

Local snowmobile tours travel reaching 12,500 feet on top of the continental division, offering a new look at the spectacular mountain scenery that surround them. Each excursion to Breckenridge snowmobile begins with a review of your machine, and then comes a short trip to a practical area for a wide groomed trails. Here, guests are invited to become better acquainted with the management of snowmobile before you tackle more complex terrain that front.

After the session is complete, guides couples who ride the parties in smaller groups, depending on the driving speed, which tend to participants. Then the tour begins to climb and weave of a wooded area along the trail system corresponding to a wide open area of ​​the continental section. Leaving the bottom timber, offers adventures proposed to open the throttle, and the coast is disconnected from the surrounding hillsides, and those who are looking for a more relaxed ride, will be able to easily and appreciate the amphitheater with 14,000 foot peaks towering above them.

While participants riding reach Chicago Ridge, located at 12,500 feet above sea level on the continental division, sneganostsam are invited to take photos with landscapes reminiscent of postcards. Then the tour descends back into the high alpine terrain below the ridge to go powder before reconnect with stsezhkavay system that carries guests through the hills and forests of fir lyasnitskiya. Along the way, guides may offer an opportunity to overcome the hot chocolate in one of the historic cabins of the miners that remain intact in the lower elevations Fremontskaga transition.

Snegahodnyya Brekenryzh round – an ideal place for ski holiday for men, seven & # 39; families, friends and corporate spiritual exercises, because unlike skiing and snowboarding, they do not require prior experience, all were part of a group. Guests will find free transportation trips arranged by their placement in Brekenryzh, and to the local base camps snowmobiles. Local snowmobile gear provide free helmets, snow suits and boots. Guests are advised to bring eye protection, such as ski goggles or sunglasses and a waterproof pair of gloves or mittens.

If you are an experienced rider who is seeking access to the best adventure terrain, offering Colorado rocky cliffs, or the first snowmobile, which is eager to scenic excursions along the western edge of the tour on a snowmobile Brekenryzh will certainly be the highlight of your winter vacation.

Colorado Springs – Winter mandatory place

Colorado Springs every day is gaining popularity in the United States for life. It is a city that has all the amenities to enjoy the latest lifestyle. Colorado is in the middle of Colorado, near the famous rocky mountain. It is a place with stunning twin cities. In Colorado Springs, there are many places you can go and have fun with your friends and family & # 39; it. You can have a lot of gardens and waterfalls to visit in Colorado. Houses Colorado Springs have an amazing view from the house. You can see the mountain and the greenery around you, when you look out the windows of your home.

Colorado – a city with the beauty of nature. This is the case with many mountains and waterfalls. The beauty of Colorado Springs in the winter time is the best in the best. You will be pleased to see the glory of nature. As I have said, this place is surrounded by mountains. Winter times, these mountains are covered with snow. Surprising to see that many winter visitors and tourists come to this place. At this time, you can enjoy skiing and skating within 24 hours. Chuytse that you can simultaneously meet the great dancers and stars of children's music.

There are many festivals that celebrate the people of Colorado Springs. There is a music festival for children. You will be able to see the children really good musical performances. This is the best time to find talent in children. If you are a music lover, you can afford to miss this place in winter. In Colorado, winter is marked by many music festivals. You will enjoy this musical event famous bands in Colorado.

Hotels and restaurants in the district of Colorado in the winter provide their clients with extraordinary ease. You will be delighted by the use of spring useful and interesting food in the spring. Usually people like Mexican food in the winter. There are many restaurants that provide a decent Mexican food. Night party in winter – another thing that especially should not miss during the winter. In Colorado Springs there are many night clubs where you can enjoy the turns with friends.

Winter time in Colorado occur much more. This all may be due to the spectacular out & # 39; I Colorado. This all increases tourism in Colorado and the surrounding area. This greatly affects the Colorado economy. This increases the property in Colorado Springs and other enterprises. This we will see in my next article.

Parker Colorado Real Estate – New Frontiers

Natural benefits enjoyed by Colorado, allow builders and designers to build houses for skilled home buyers. Rockies allow residents to rise against others and enjoy the scenery without the hassle of the neighborhood. Open land gives people the opportunity to build a ranch and raise live stock, or control a game ranch. The choice of styles and communities at home are endless, and Colorado offers residents the choice of living situation.

Hot ladies have always been popular in Colorado. These houses are built in a mountainous area. These resorts like Aspen and Steamboat Springs & # 39 appeared as a result of flooding, and residents of the area built in the mountains. This lifestyle gives residents the opportunity to live up to other people. These homes may be in towns such as Aspen, or in secluded areas around Colorado. It captures the spirit of delight usually accompanies home from the mountains.

Colorado is mostly known for the two sports, skiing and hunting. ranch sites give residents the choice to collect live stock or run the game ranch. In any case, the sites have a large number of areas for private use. Many residents of Colorado have a pet, and in particular horses. Horse racing is very popular in Colorado, and many ranches and parks in the area are built to accompany the sport. Colorado is known for big game hunting. With a variety of natural wildlife in the region hunters often resettled in Colorado during the winter to hunt deer and elk.

Condominium and houses became popular styles of life over the last ten years. In the metropolitan areas of the country have begun to develop apartments and houses, to encourage people to return to the city. Denver contains many multi-storey apartments as part of its metro. Condos offer residents and seven small & # 39; holes to live in the city without having to deal with renting an apartment. A lot of luxury apartments is built around the area of ​​Denver. Town houses give residents the opportunity to live in the city and in the community. Town houses are usually small and are related to each other or are very close to other homes in the community. This style home is perfect for young seven & # 39; families who want to actively participate in society.

Social plans and the areas that are planned masters are also very popular in Colorado. The difference between them lies in the fact that the society, who are planning to manage, tend to have more amenities than the surrounding area. Social planned communities include golf courses, lakes, commercial buildings and developed retail offices. These communities are often closed to offer its residents the privacy they want. community planning almost always contain the house to order. Neighborhood – a community that offer residents the security of society, without glamor, which is planned general. Neighborhoods consist mainly of homes and often have around a shopping center. This lifestyle is popular throughout the country.

Colorado Camping – ideal year round destination

The diversity of Colorado promises plenty of fun in the fresh air and relaxation, whether it is cold and snow and in the summer heat. From skiing in the snow and skiing to hiking and horseback riding, Colorado promises year-round for all nature lovers. Camping in Colorado as diverse. In the state of Colorado there are 41 State Park, 15 national parks and recreation areas, as well as more than 100 other public campgrounds managed by USDA Forest Service, as well as hundreds of private campgrounds across the state.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs – this is a great holiday destination, no matter whether you want to enjoy the city's nightlife and excellent dining, museums and explore the area with children, or marvel at the adventures among the best hiking and belavodnyh nations. . Close to Colorado Springs has a variety of camping, so you can spend time enjoying the beauty of the countryside.

Colorado Springs KOA offers fully equipped campsites for voyage wheels and tents, as well as one- and two-bedroom rental and luxury cabins. The campsite has many facilities including a swimming pool, hot tub, and wireless Internet access. Colorado's newest state park, state park Cheyenne Mountain State, recently opened in Colorado Springs. This park provides 20 miles of hiking and biking trails on the gentle, protective ecosystems with great views of wildlife. Many of the trails are still under construction, but camping and others on the & # 39; sites scheduled to open in late 2007. Also near Colorado Springs has several campgrounds managed by the state, which offer basic camping and group campsites that have access to a variety of activities.

northern Colorado

Northern Colorado offers a huge amount of variety for holidaymakers. Water lovers can dial elastic products Coleman and enjoy a weekend in the days camping at one of the many northern Colorado lakes. North Sterling Park has 3,000 acres of water for boating, water skiing, fishing, swimming and even sailing. The state park has three campgrounds that provide 141 camping. Camp Inlet Grove and Elks are encouraged to develop sites with electrical connections and chimney does not provide connectivity.

If cold outside adventure & # 39; I'm more suited to your style, the State Forest State Park in northern Colorado has 5 camping for winter camping and a variety of activities that will entertain you in any season. Bring a sled and ran more than 50 miles of trails supported or go to the National Forest Rutt, to obtain additional routes. You can also enjoy cross-country skiing, sled, snowmobile and pipes within the park. Many snow lovers visiting State Forest State Park for fishing on the icy stunning skiing and riding at full and snegohodkah held every February and March.

If you would like to schedule a vacation in Colorado, outdoor recreation, which is filled with outdoor activities, as well as academic studies, Dinosaur National Monument in northern Colorado and Utah, offers a lot of fun and 6 developed campgrounds. Dinosaur bones have long been seen fossilized in the rock, and the museum has a number of exciting exhibits about these extinct creatures from the past years. Enjoy a variety of scenic hiking trails or cool using the alloy is operated by the winding Colorado rafting rivers.

Each time, where and where you decide to camp in Colorado, you are guaranteed a vacation that creates memories for everyone. From the history and study of nature to tough outdoor activities, Colorado offers something for everyone!

Colorado marijuana law

In the US, Colorado is one of 14 states that have legalized the use of marijuana. Although the substance of the federal law is still illegal, it can be used in the state of Colorado for medical reasons. The Bush administration officials have been instructed DEA deter any medical marijuana dispensaries, which violate the laws established by federal law. On the other hand, in the Obama administration investigate the use of medical marijuana, presumably, give DEA agent lowest priorities. Due to this fact, there was a significant increase in the demand and use of medical marijuana in Colorado.

According to Colorado law, marijuana, marijuana dispensaries must grow at least seventy percent of its products. This legislation was passed in June 2010, and also it says that the producers of this material is much sold seventy percent of their crops only through a single dispensary. But it is believed that a number of dispensaries in the state is unable to comply with this rule, and they will not be able to do this in the near future.

In 2000, the Colorado marijuana law passed an amendment to the state constitution regarding the use of marijuana by patients. The amendment indicated that marijuana legal substance can be used by patients, and it must be used under the supervision of a qualified physician. In Colorado, marijuana is the most common drug, and it is believed that this substance is also the most frequently abused. In this state medical marijuana can be prescribed only to patients suffering from debilitating medical conditions, including HIV, glaucoma, cancer, etc. Medical cannabis.

Crown Hill in Rockrimmon, Colorado Springs, Colorado

General William J.. Palmer is credited with the base of Colorado Springs in August 1871. Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the desire was to develop Palmer Colorado Springs as the top resort town, where people could come. relax and cure the disease. Dry mild climate is considered useful for those suffering from tuberculosis. Palmer laid out the plans for the city, its streets, and he donated large plots of land for churches, schools and parks, to help develop the area.

Over time, the Colorado Springs developed into a bustling community, and General Palmer really invested in its growth and development. He so liked the area, he built his residence – Glen Erie – on the west side of Colorado Springs, close to Garden of the Gods, that's probably the best side of the city for outdoor activities. Glen Erie stands today and serves as a tourist destination, but also a place for those interested in local history.

So why William Palmer, a notable figure to this day? A lot of what makes Colorado Springs desirable place to live – is a large number of outdoor activities and a large network of parks. One of these parks & # 39 is a 343-Akravim Park Ute Valley, located in the heart of the community Rokrymon in northwest Colorado Springs in the shadow of the Peak Peak and the Rocky Mountains. In this park there are plenty of trails for hiking, bike, wildlife, picnics and just general family entertainment. People come from around the city to visit this park and enjoy all the wonderful outdoor activities, which it has to offer, and many of them leave at the end of a glorious day, wanting to have a great place right outside the back door. What many do not know – it is an opportunity to choose a group of people who know better deals when they see one, especially during an economic downturn.

Support to the park Ute Valley – a new quarter of the Crown Hill Rokrymone, the last area in Rokrymone available with direct access to the park. What distinguishes Crown Hill, the fact that this neighborhood with lots ready for construction. Many of seven & # 39; ads they see the incredible value of these lots, and although some seven & # 39; and may not be ready to build immediately, they buy lots are available to book your piece of Colorado just outside of the future court. You do not see houses for making cookies with the same height, which line the streets of the neighborhood. You do not see manufactured or modular homes, which reduce the value of the surrounding area. General Palmer would be proud to call it my development. Why?

We note that the purchase of land in times of economic uncertainty can serve as a hedge against inflation. That's right, the money, which usually brings with tumultuous roller coaster of the stock market, you can safely invest in the area where the value of the house and the land continued to rise (or hold steady), in spite of the real estate market. Interest rates are always low, but this is not always the case.

Investing in land – an excellent choice, which some consider an equal investment in gold (except for the fact that the land is not close to gold). How can you be sure that the land will keep its value? I'm glad you asked! In the vicinity of Crown Hill in Rockrimmon and Ute Valley Park has some excellent academic school districts with 20 schools. This school district is perhaps the most desirable area to live in the whole region Vpp. Students will gain success in the emergency level, as evidenced by the results of the state tests, which are published annually.

Thought to build a home order? With new houses buildings that are almost not worth for all but a complete stop, there are custom builders who strive to customers, which means that you can quite possibly surprising build your dream home for a fraction of the cost that is you would be worth. 24 months ago.

In January 2009, many measures have been taken to restore the economy again. This made the interest rates at the lowest rates for a long time. Builders are so hungry for smart clients (they are practically asking such a client as you …), who wish to create a well-thought-out design, so you can build a house at a fantastic price and get excellent quality at the same time. Now you are in a perfect storm, where all the stars are aligned to give you the opportunity to make a decision about getting your piece of the American dream …

Who would not want to live next door with direct access to the park, one of the most desirable places in the entire city, located at the top of the academic school district, located directly in front of the Rockies? This development is so strange that you will wake up every morning in the shadow of the most talk about the mountain in America. Pikes Peak has helped inspire one of the most famous American songs ever written "America The Beautiful". Or it sounds like something that & # 39 is just a dream?

He really does exist, and it can be yours – if you act quickly. You see, successful people are taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves, and rare opportunities do not come every day … If you wait too long, another opportunity in life will pass you, leaving you to wonder why you did not do & # 39; I do not go if you had a chance. Imagine – you can invite your friends to play at his backyard – all 343 acres! You want to go on a bike or hike, NOT spakuyuchy car and kids? Just walk right beside your door – and she's waiting for you. I enjoy mountain biking? The park has many Wali Ute adnakaliynyh trails.

We would like to think that William J.. Palmer will be pleased with how the town of Colorado Springs has become a bustling city with intact neighborhoods, excellent schools and a population of hard-core outdoor enthusiasts. Check in Crown Hill Rockrimmon for themselves. If you are ready to build a house, it means that the builders are willing to listen to your needs and make a request for your project. If you like the area and you want to invest in the land which can be built in the future, now is the perfect time for this (financing is available!).

You may be one of the select few who have stumbled on an incredibly rare thing – every day people make decisions that positively impact their lives. They see an opportunity and take advantage of it … It's your turn, do not let this rare gem to pass, take a moment or risk losing her forever. Call or email us today to display.